I was a part of GIFT University’s most successful undergraduate fashion design course, B.Des Textile and Fashion Design. GIFT University has established itself as one of Pakistan’s premier institutes, renowned for its excellence in fashion design studies. That is why, I consider my entire academic period here to be a whirlwind of stimulating, innovative, artistic, and intimidating experiences. I have gained a surfeit of knowledge in designing clothing, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry and the market’s ever-changing trends. As I have always believed in creating modern creative stuff to add to my workplace, I worked with MNR design studio, where all my accomplishments were as a result of GIFT University’s empirical program. As a GIFT university student, I appreciate the commitments and contributions made by this institution to foster a positive culture for me and other students to develop my ideology and sight, paving pathways for my successful future as a designer. As a result, it is never an exaggeration to say that GIFT University Textile and Fashion Designing degree holders will function in Garments, Leather, Textiles, and other fashion-related industries with complete acknowledgments. This platform has helped me become eligible and qualified enough to open my own fashion house to showcase my fashion abilities. This GIFT university course offers its students elegance, recognition, success, and high pay packages and fulfilling their artistic fantasies and worldly needs.

Ms Hadia Hanif
Designer/Pride part of MNR Design Studios

“As an alumnus of GIFT University, Studied fashion design degree in SFADA was my exclusive journey, I learned fashion and design also gained lots of practical skills and knowledge about textiles. I thank my teachers and special thanks to my thesis supervisor, Mr. Muhammad Fawad Noori who gave me, theoretical and practical knowledge and gave me confidence in my creative thinking approaches in my work.


 All courses were tremendous assets and now applying regularly in my professional career. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, who wants to become a design professional and expand their creative skills. Bachelors of design specialized in fashion and textile design is a  fantastic program that truly changed my lifestyle trajectory for a better professional.

Suneela Maheen
Creative Director, Suneela Maheen Couture, Batch: 2012 - 2016

I wanted to gain my bachelor from a university rather than a college. I began a search of the best universities around, which I can attend and make my parents proud by getting my bachelor degree. And that is when I came across GIFT University.

The admission and coursework requirements seemed feasible and welcoming to me.


my biggest goal is to become a good fashion designer; so, I started my journey as a fashion designer has been a beautiful memory.

I become a full-fledged designer who learnt not just to create designs but also to think about design and see the design in things around me. In short, I can say that I went there as a piece of stone and came out as a beautifully carved designer.

Shoaib Ismail
Director at Shoaib Ismail (design studio), Batch: Spring 09

Hi, I’m Komal Rafique. I did my graduation in Textile and Fashion Designing from Gift University Gujranwala. During my educational years at Gift, I found this place warm, welcoming, and encouraging to new ideas. University’s environment is so friendly. Faculties are cooperative, give attention to every student, fulfilling the learning needs of every young individual. Recently I have completed my Master in Fashion and luxury management from UMT Lahore, Now I’m working on my clothing brand “KRB Designs” and an online store “Vogue Pjs by KRB” which is all set to launch soon. It’s all because of that confidence which I got at Gift University, to transform my knowledge into the final product. It gave me the courage to grow in my life and explore my potential to the maximum. 

Thank you, GIFT.

Komal Rafique
Fashion Director, Batch year: 2014 -2018