Student Societies

TexprenuersPK (TPK Society) SFADA


TexpreneursPK Society, SFADA aims in providing a professional platform to the textile and fashion academia and industry to objectively interact, integrate and practice the new concepts in research, design, manufacturing, and distribution. The textile and fashion industry in Pakistan is the backbone of the country’s economy that demands knowledgeable, skillful, and reliable human resources to meet the contemporary challenges, being faced by the industry locally as well as globally. 


TexpreneursPK mandates for providing training workshops, intellectual symposiums and seminars, exhibitions, and fashion shows to offer local and international field exposure, contemporary market practices, and future potential outlook. Its professional advisory body supports in providing professional solutions to foster the business potential of its social partners.  

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Organizing Body

Dr. Hussnain Sethi

Head of Department

Mashal Junaid