I’m Ayesha Noor 3rd year student of BDes Textile and Fashion. The journey during these 3 years was full of opportunities to explore the real me. It is a transformative experience, filled with new insights, unforgettable memories, support, and guideline from the faculty, who are helping me to achieve future goals.

Ayesha Noor
3rd Year Student of Bdes Fashion and Textile Designing

My name is M. Arslan Pervaiz Butt and I am a Graphic Design student at GIFT University. I wanted to pursue a profession in Graphic Design, so I chose to enroll here because it is one of the top universities in my region. This institution is fantastic! It provides a lot of assistance during my education. I can always communicate with my tutors about my projects, and they give excellent feedback and creative suggestions.

M. Arslan Pervaiz Butt
Graphic Design Student

My name is Madah Rabi. I am a student of BDes Textile and Fashion, 2nd semester. GIFT has provided artists a platform where they can express themselves through their work and be recognized for it. With the help of an amazing faculty, I was able to overcome various challenges and get a lot of experience. Every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. 

Madah Rabi
Student of B. Des Fashion and Textile Design

I am Rimsha Babar, a thirdyear student of Textile and Fashion at GIFT University, Gujranwala. My experience at GIFT University is tremendous. The courses and curriculum are preparing me to achieve my goals. The projects, critiques, teachers’ guidance, and motivation are preparing me to adequately express my concepts and ideas about my field. Besides the curriculum, the other activities; including Fashion Weeks, exhibitions, and workshops, have also helped us to get practical exposure to our field.

Rimsha Babar
3rd Year Student of Fashion & Textile Design

I’m Hamza Afzal. I’m a student of BDes Textile and Fashion, 6th semester. GIFT University is a good option for me to pursue my Fashion studies. GIFT has provided students with expert teachers, which help them to polish their work and open their minds to see from different perspectives and explore new things.

Hamza Afzal
Student of Bdes Fashion and Textile design