Accomplished to develop creative & responsible professionals

The School of Fine Art, Design, and Architecture (SFADA) has been serving the nation for the last two decades. It has contributed towards the socio-economic and cultural developments in the region, in particular, and nationwide, in general. The two programs; one in the field of Textile and Fashion Design, and the other in Graphic Design, are incorporating the traditional, classical, and contemporary sensibilities among students, in terms of material and technique, to create a challenging and dynamic environment. 

SFADA provides state-of-the-art facilities in studios and labs for technological solutions and to touch unfathomable depths of creativity. Ecologically and environmentally sustainable design issues are, of course, imperative and inherent concerns of the School. SFADA actively encourages and participates in various national and international events of research. Moreover, guest talks, seminars, and study tours are also arranged to complement the teaching at School and its relevance to professional practice.

A quality education, under the supervision of qualified faculty, and the industry linkages are enabling SFADA graduates to pave their paths for cultural and industrial development in the country. Alongside the notions of entrepreneurship, demand for SFADA graduates is rocketing day by day in the job market.

Our Vision

The department is committed to developing creative & responsible professionals, equipped with adequate technical skills, for providing design and manufacturing solutions, by using modern technology and best practices.   

Our Mission

  • Developing professionals with problem-solving abilities, having a skill set aligned with current industrial requirements.
  • Encouraging problem-based learning instead of project-based learning. Assignments would be designed keeping in mind multiple variables like target market, demographics, customer lifestyle, socio-economic classification, and sustainable development. It helps to train students for the professional environment.
  • Focusing to bring innovation in our own unique cultural art and craft, with results that create a sense of ownership and pride in the students of our heritage.

School of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture (SFADA) has two offerings under the program of B-Des, each is a 4-year degree program.

  1. Textile and Fashion Design.
  2. Graphic Design.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our curriculum has been designed according to a project-based learning methodology that is supervised by academic, technical, and industrial experienced professionals. We are using a qualitative evaluation method. The evaluation is relative to the performance of the entire class. Every step and process has a grade assigned to it. Our curriculum has been divided into 80% studio and 20% theory classes. The ideal classroom is approx. 1200 sq. ft., which caters to almost 35 students with one instructor. It is a demonstration-based studio environment, which involves research, exploration, development, iteration, and a final project.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1: Able to understand & grasp relevant industrial problems and devise effective solutions, using the latest techniques & technology.

PEO 2: Capable of working as a team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills.

PEO 3: Display ethical and mature demure with high moral values, positive attitude, responsible behavior, and virtuous vision.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture (SFADA)

First of all, let me tell you that this 18-year-old department has come a long way in terms of its offerings and quality education. The School of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture (SFADA) is honored to be known for its trained designers and entrepreneurs, who have changed the face of fashion in Gujranwala. Its innovation programs attract most of the creative and enthusiastic students not just from Gujranwala but also across the region. Currently, it offers two Bachelor‘s degrees; one is in the field of textile and fashion; ‘B-Des Textile and Fashion design’, and the other in graphic design; ‘B-Des Graphic Design’.

Our department has always been committed to providing a distinctively holistic & hands-on learning experience, where diverse student bodies are encouraged to develop knowledge & skills, which are necessary to achieve their professional goals with the untiring dedication and guidance from our qualified faculty. Moreover, we seek support for collaborative activities with industrial and educational partners here and abroad. Our culture of internships, placements, and appointments of our graduates, as designers, in industry and design houses has been a phenomenal indicator of our dedication towards our students. 

Our mission is to foster innovation by encouraging students to employ design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies to create effective, sustainable, ethical, and responsible design solutions for a complex and evolving field. 

In the end, I wish you very enjoyable and fruitful coming years, filled with great discoveries and unforgettable moments.

Dr. Muhammad Asir Ajmal
Dean, School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture