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SFADA Industry Linkages: DBM

SFADA Industry Linkages: On 29th June 2022 SFADA joined hands with DBM( Denim by Mood, first Sustainable denim fashion brand of PAKISTAN) Manager Industry Linkages SFADA Mr. Muhammad Fawad Noori invited CEO DBM Mr. Kashif Junaid and Brand Manager of DBM Ms Neelam Lashari for signing an MOU at GIFT University campus. The event was held successfully with the support and collaboration of the student’s Development centre SDC and the Office of research, innovation and commercialisation ORIC.
Students of the MassCom department covered the event.
Dean Dr. Asir Ajmal, HOD Dr. Hussnain Sethi, Manager Industry Linkages SFADA Muhammad Fawad Noori along with Deputy Director SDC Ms Mariam Sohail grace the event by signing MOU.
Through this, students of SFADA will get a chance to enhance their professional skills. The memorandum will also assist them to pursue their careers in a positive yet more competent manner.
After signing a successful MOU with Denim By Mood DBM, SFADA received a prodigious amount of sponsorship from the brand.
This sponsorship will be a prime factor in the arrangements and hosting of SFADA’s upcoming Nationwide denim design competition.
The alliance between DBM and SFADA will open new doors for our students in terms of jobs, projects and internships.
SFADA also took the opportunity to arrange a seminar on sustainable Denim in which the CEO of Denim By Mood (DBM) Mr. Kashif Junaid (Textile engineer) counselled the students regarding a bridge walk between academic and industrial success.
He further managed to assist students with sustainable fashion in the present era.
The seminar was enlightening and explanatory to students and faculty as well.
The event concluded by Department and university visit with SFADA Faculty and DBM team.