To provide a distinctively holistic & hands-on learning experience

To foster innovation and new idea generation by encouraging students to employ design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies, to create effective, sustainable, ethical and responsible design solutions for a complex and evolving field.

Department of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

The main objective of the program is to prepare students for their professional success. Both the programs provide a mix of technical courses along with courses that help the students to improve their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and personal awareness. 

Bachelor of Design (Hons) Textile & Fashion

During these four years, the students will get hands-on experience both in Pret-e-Porter and Haute Couture. They will get the local and global exposure of the fashion industry by seeing upcoming trends, fashion insights and working on a real-time problem that requires creative solutions.  

The professional highlights of the program include participation in the social internship project; a professional internship at a fashion or apparel brand, and a professional thesis towards the end of the program, which is evaluated by industrial experts

Bachelor of Design (Hons) Graphic Design

In this program, the technical, creative, and conceptual skills are nourished by providing courses that emphasize theory, process, and professional practice. The program’s rigorous learning experience leads to designing the campaign, and traditional and modern solutions of other print media creatively and effectively.  The designers learn to use colour, select type, manage the design process, collaborate with clients, and utilize the most popular graphic software.